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"I own a construction business and I found it very hard to work all day and keep track of all the paperwork. I hired The Write Touch to help me out and they have been lifesavers. Both Priscilla and Maria work with me, answer my questions, put my concerns to rest and handle all of the paperwork that I hate doing so much. I'd be lost without The Write Touch. I highly recommend them."
Daniel Schultz
The Rite Touch Construction, Inc
"My personal books were in a mess. I had credit card debt and more bills then I could pay each month. The Write Touch worked with my creditors, set me up on a budget and kept in regular contact with me to be sure I stayed on my budget. I was out of debt in two years and by following their advice I had money in savings for the fist time as well as all my past debts paid off. If you ever need a bookkeeper for you personally, call The Write Touch and they'll do a great job for you."
Tony Deward
"I am happy to recommend Priscilla, as she was able to straighten out three years of my messed up Quickbooks, and now keeps things up to date for me. What a relief!"
Rita Goodman
Bilingual Advantage, LLC
"We've been working together for over 10 years, there have been so many things Priscilla has helped with. She has saved me time and again. I seldom say things like this, but Priscilla has been a God send for me.
She is more then my bookkeeper, she has walked me through very difficult business and personal situations. And I have come out okay and am able to keep moving forward thanks to her. I am not the easiest client most of the time, but Priscilla is extremely patient to guide me and take care of all my business situation. She also guided me to just the right Tax Preparer and together, the two of them have kept my businesses going."
Sylvia Zingeser, Owner
Ariela Press and NW Teens, Inc
"I had no idea how to put together a brochure. I had a few ideas and facts, but I couldn't get them into a completed product. The team at The Write Touch took on this challenging job for me and the results were amazing. What I liked best is that they worked with me to help me see my ideas to completion. They didn't just do the writing, they also helped with the design, the color schemes, the look of the text and everything from start to finish. Along the way they gave out free information on marketing ideas and how to pull all of my advertising products together for a more uniform look. I can't thank them enough."
Jessica Bendwood, Owner
Bentwood International
"I needed a business card that would stand out and have people take notice. I know what I do, but trying to tell others just seemed impossible on that little bit of space. I was amazed at how well they said what I wanted to in so few of words, yet it sounded better then all the words I had used to describe my business. Thanks ever so much."
Alfred Sherwood
Fred of all Trades
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